Sunday, 21 August 2011

Good otome games (ENGLISH)

So, in my last post, I introduced you to the world of otome games and now, in this post, I will tell you some good otome games that are in English for you to start playing.
Some of the following games are commercial games which require you to pay in order to play the full version. Of course, they all have a demo for you to try. ^v^ - That link will lead you to a page with a list of mostly free English otome games. Quality aren't guaranteed though since most of them are made by fans of otome games and not all are familiar with programming etc.

** - My comment on the game

RE: Alistair++ (FREE)
Game Type: Dating sim, stat raising
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Playing Time: ~35 min. first playthrough
Release Date: April 10, 2010 

    Merui loves video games, especially her favorite MMORPG, Rivenwell Online. Merui also has a very short temper, so when some JERK named Alistair steals a rare item from her, she's determined to exact revenge on him. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is in real life. But hey, that's never stopped anyone, right?
    Take control of Merui and make new friends, balance schoolwork and fun, go shopping, search for the culprit, and maybe even discover a new romance.

** - This was one of my first otome games. Even though it only has 3 characters you can be with, it was still very fun. The graphics were amazing, very clear and I really like this artist's style. It kept me playing until I finished all 3 guys' paths. It doesn't take too long to get an ending, in fact, it was pretty short so I guess that's the reason why it's not a commercial game.

Wonderland Days Sim Date (FREE)
This game is made by someone on deviantart with the username,"Pacthesis". If you want to play more of these sim dates, click on her username, then on "gallery" and you will be able to find lots more. She also recently made a new serie which I just finished a few days ago. It doesn't have anything to do with sim dates, just a visual novel but it is SOOO addicting!! Just check it out and you'll understand what I mean.

** - This game is suitable for people who are bored and have nothing to do. All of Pacthesis' games have very interesting plots so it's always good to play her games when you're bored. Unlike other otome games, it doesn't take much effort to complete requirements to get a good ending because her games are very straightforward. 

Date Warp (Commercial)
Five days ago, Janet left her dorm to go on a date.She never returned.Was she kidnapped? Murdered? Did she run away? Will she ever be seen again?The choices you make can change her fate and help her find romance or destruction in one of eleven surprising endings!

** - One of my first otome games. There are 5 guys you can choose from each with a good and bad endings. I'm not sure if it has 10 endings or more but I think I've seen most if not all and my opinion on them is that they are ALL very good endings. In fact, at first, I thought I would just stop playing after getting one ending but when I got my 1st ending, I HAD to keep playing to see the rest of them because I was really wondering what could happen. All endings were really unique!! The only downside to it is that it's a bit too long for replaying even with the fast forward option. It took me 3 full days to get all endings!! By full days, I mean the time from when I wake up until the time I go to bed and excluding the times when I had to eat etc.

That's all for now, maybe I'll do another post for more otome games recommendation some other time. 3 games will keep you busy enough. ^~^

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